Admission Process


Every student registered for admission into Classes VI & VII is expected to appear for an Aptitude/Proficiency Assessment at the specified center. The Assessment dates will be declared under the “Announcements” Section. Particulars of these Assessments are sent by the school to parents well in advance. Offers of admission are given on the basis of the results of these Assessments and depend on the number of vacancies in each class. All candidates will be interviewed briefly by senior members of the teaching staff. All candidates will be informed of the dates for the Entrance Tests and receive a syllabus and sample papers. Tests will be conducted in three subjects, English, Mathematics, and Hindi.

NOTE: Failure to attend the Entrance Test without information will cause the candidate’s registration to lapse and the Registration Fee will be forfeited.

For admission to Class X, however, there is no mark-up since this depends on the Board examination results.

Any requests for other preferential treatment are not entertained. Only in very rare and exceptional cases, the Board of Governors reserves the right to exercise its discretion in the matter of admissions.


Parents are requested to give as long a notice as possible of intended withdrawal, with a minimum of 3 months, failing which 3 months’ fees are forfeited/charged in lieu of notice. Students who wish to withdraw after writing the CBSE Board Examinations are charged School Fees till end March PROVIDED the letter of withdrawal is received by the 1st of January of that year. If the letter of withdrawal is received after 1st January, the student has to pay three months full fees from the date of receipt of application for withdrawal. The decision of the Principal in this respect is not open to questions.

Any student wishing to withdraw from Class XI or Class XII after 30th September would be charged Fees for One Full Academic Term that is October to March.

The School fully reserves the right of Admission and its decision in the matter is final and binding and cannot be questioned.The School reserves the right to change its Admissions’ procedure from time to time without notice.


The School feels strongly that children must learn the value of discipline. Once the parents entrust their child to our care, we expect the parents and the child to follow the rules of the School. A student found guilty of a serious breach of discipline can be summarily expelled from the School without any liability on the part of the institution and the dues paid will not be refundable. If during the academic session, the School authorities are complicated in any litigation either by the student or by the Parent/Guardian, the School authorities reserve the right to cancel the admission of the concerned student without any prior notice, in order to maintain discipline and to safeguard the healthy atmosphere of the School from being vitiated.

Accidents: Although the School takes all normal precautions, it does not take any responsibility for accidents or vis major.

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