Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Our educational institution has been conceptualized to educate young minds in such a way as to make them stand tall even in the largest of crowds. We, therefore, aspire to develop outstanding world citizens who can contribute to the well-being of their society through positive thoughts and actions.

Riverdale Vision

Riverdale Convent School is the epitome of ideologies and is setting global footprints in creating an ultra-modern educational system. Our methods are unique which keep us at the forefront of devising the latest in educational technology. We, therefore, look forward to leveraging further in creating the right cultural fabric for an ideal world society and thereby creating an internationally recognized infrastructure.



Riverdale Convent school aims primarily at the education of young children without difference of caste and creed. We follow the play way and other modern methods of imparting education, in order to eradicate from their minds the fear of going to school and sitting for examinations. It is a Day School for both boys and girls. Our mission is to make them thinking individuals, socially aware and equipped with the moral fibre and skills to excel in any situation and creating leaders of tomorrow.

At RCS, every child is taught to move in leaps and bounds. They are trained to experience all frontiers of life to leave a mark behind. They fight with a spirit of winning and at the same time they also understand that real winning can come only after winning one’s own self.

A truism is that service to children is a service to humanity. As children are tomorrow’s citizen. Hence, at RCS we take it to be our utmost duty to create the right environment to help our children develop well – rounded personalities that would not only help them understand their own physical and psychological needs, but would also make them sensitive enough to respect the needs of those around them. Our special and unique programs imbibed in the school curriculum along with our infrastructure create just this right mix of awareness and sense of responsibility in every little soul that walks in through our doors for education.

Riverdale Convent School Amritsar